Writers? Who Needs ‘Em?

What benefit could you, your project or business reap by hiring someone like me?

If you’re communicating via the written or spoken word (which is literally how the internet world works), I’m the best resource to have in your back pocket.  A master of the English language, lassoer of all things grammar, spelling, punctuation and document design as well as consistent blogger across several platforms for over 10 years, I can do more than just get your point across.

I’m your word-savvy sniper for services including (but never limited to): resume editing and writing, copy and content editing and writing, blog consulting, social media management, product description writing, generating or editing content for your website, blog and article writing and editing and I can throw a mean Batarang, if needed.

Contact me for a free quote.  I’d love to show you what I can do.

So, what makes me more than just an asshole wielding an English degree?  I truly am a Jill of all trades.  I am knowledgeable in everything from technically-inclined concepts I’ve absorbed from manufacturing and engineering exposure to human interest pieces from creating content for bridal websites and art institutions to sports reporting.

Curious as to what I can’t do?

Check out my bathroom wall love for testimonials and then hop onto my blog to see the rambling musings of a vocab-horny freelancer.