I Am Tee. See Me Write.

People used to call me a walking dictionary. Friends still try to pay me to write their papers, academic or otherwise. I still get so hopelessly engrossed in a book, I neglect my basic needs to live and ever since I can remember, I could write.

When I say I could write, I’m not saying I could write well. Hell, I still don’t think I write well. Much to the chagrin of the artist, we are in an everlasting state of self-improvement, which keeps me both driven and humble(ish). No matter where I went, how old I was or how I felt, I’d write. I don’t even remember why I started or why it felt so good and natural, but I’m sure that it had nothing to do with the anticipation of making millions or writing a best-seller, one day. Not much has changed since then, I guess, in that respect.

I believe, to date, I have acquired four books, mostly filled up (some two-sided) with my words. Some are poems (my very early works were iambic pentameter and accompanied by crude drawings…there was a unicorn on the cover of the book, no biggie), some are essays, some are rants on which I can see the spots where I had to write around where my tears had fallen. My I wrote for no one and everyone because I felt by writing for me, I was writing for you. I had to reach out to find out (in my angsty teen years) whether there was SOMEONE out there who felt like I did. Obviously, I wrote, I’ve written, I write.

Allow me to abruptly switch topics with no sort of transitional phrase (f*ck you, rules of writing! Rebel!) and bring you to present day Earth.

As most of you know, Sam and I were selected recipients for the Operation Marry Me Military event and were incredibly lucky to have been. If you missed our photographers featuring my musings on their website, you can catch them here, here and here (parts I, II and III, respectively).

Turns out, Bob Mackowski of Open Aperture Photography is starting up a new website. East Carolina Bride is their bridal website focusing exclusively on local Eastern North Carolina weddings and featuring vendors, venues and everything one would need to plan a seriously incredible wedding. Where do I come in and why do I care (besides that I’m all for promoting local talent)? Well, Bob, the brave soul that he is, has asked for my help writing content for the website. Me! The website is still in the works but I’m pretty excited. I hope I don’t let him down and I’m anticipating other opportunities stemming from this.

Lots of things are changing quickly for me, and as opposed to being scared like I have been recently, I’m excited…more like Thera circa 2009. Even though the adventures seem a little steep and unlit, I’m doing just fine. As long as I keep moving forward with my writing, the world will follow along, I suspect.

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