The Warmth of My World and Why IDGAF About Current Events

All too often we’re bombarded with bad news.  A tragic event covered heavily by the media, friends handling (or not) strife and heartbreak, animal shelters filled to the brim, dreams that can be no more, nightmares not so easily escaped…

Everyday there’s an onslaught of information spawning negativity, fear, anger and hopelessness.  Every moment these events unfold that generate conversations, debates, political discussions and opinions and observations from the uninformed to the mild to the astute to the astounding.

After a day of managing my life and handling the news and subsequent loss of lives or the compromising of the quality thereof, there’s a defeated exhaustion that spreads over me.  It’s a bit much for any human to bear especially coupled with the realization that very few of us will change any of this.  Not because we cannot, mind you.  Because we will not, for reasons all our own, none of which are difficult to justify or understand and it’s not really any of my damned business, either.

Of all this noise generated, very few actions result that take steps in any helpful direction.  That’s just the way it seems to be.

The thoughts I’ve been internalizing while receiving this type of information recently are these:

  • What am I changing or able to change, right now?  Beyond what I’m able to change, what will I actually take on, personally, and change?  Do I feel passionate about this to do something to change it?
  • No?  Then I need to inscribe myself into my circle and pay attention to what’s in front of me, right now.

Here’s what we all have to face: awareness does not equal change.  Being in possession of information is not change.  Knowing something that someone else doesn’t, having an opinion shared by a few other people (or many people) will never, in itself, change anything.  My time is a valuable commodity and is in a very finite quantity.  Is it a good investment of my time to watch/research/read/take part in this conversation or particular event?  If it’s not, would my time be better vested into my friendships?  Into my reading of LOTR?  (ermergerd…it’s just starting to get REALLY good.  The Nine are just now leaving the House of Elrond on their quest…SQUEEE!!)  Would it serve my life better to put that time into my marriage?  Into my body, mind or soul?  Would I be able to create something beautiful by spending that time writing?  Most of the time, if I’ve made it to this line of questioning, I’m leaving behind whatever that other time-eater was.

The news is cool.  Not.  I’m trying to concern myself more with things that are nearer, physically and emotionally, to me.  Although tragic things happen across the state, country and world, and I feel sad, distraught and discouraged because of them, my being aware of them and the resulting emotions do nothing constructive for anyone.  And most of all not myself.

So, I’m saying fuck the media.  Fuck ABC, CNN and CBS.  Fuck talk radio and current events, unless they directly impact my life.  Fuck you, Wolf Blitzer and your noble steed on which you ride.  Fuck the nightly news and really, fuck the weather girl.  Yeah, I’m on a goddamned rampage, people.  If it rains, it fucking rains.  If the sun shines without apology, then I get a fucking sunburn.  And yes, all these fucks are completely necessary.  That’s how shit goes.  I’m going to concern myself less with the world and concern myself more with MY world.  I’d rather be part of my own solution than remain static concerning a problem.

I’ve been on an Incubus kick, the past few days.  Not just because Brandon Boyd is a fox.  Mostly but not only.  I heard The Warmth earlier today:

So don’t let the world bring you down,
not everyone here is that fucked up and cold.
Remember why you came and while you’re alive,
experience the warmth before you grow old.
So do you think I should adhere
to that pressing new frontier
and leave in my wake, a trail of fear?
Should I hold my head up high
and throw a wrench and spokes by?
I’m leaving the air behind me clear.

Why I came here and why I’m alive?  My world.  Not theirs.

5 thoughts on “The Warmth of My World and Why IDGAF About Current Events

  1. Yes. So much yes. I get my “news” from John Oliver, Jon Stewart (used to, sadly), and whatever pops up in my Facebook feed (so that I’m up to speed on the cutest cat pictures of the week). Otherwise, like you’re saying, I’ve got too much shit of my own to deal with to hear about stuff thousands of miles away.


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