I’ve been blogging for roughly ten years.  First, I started on LiveJournal and it ended up being a motley chronicling of my post-high school and college days.  It was unfocused, rambling and unapologetic.  So, basically the same damned thing as what this WordPress is now.  You’re welcome.

I never started my blogging to write for someone else and I certainly never intended it to be a means by which I could gain readers, much less make a living (I’m obviously still chipping away at that second part).  It was just an outlet for the shit my brain needed to express, just like all the diaries I had when I was a child and teenager (bunch of the angstyest shit you’ve EVER read in your life, I promise).

I can say with a fair degree of honesty that a lot hasn’t changed.  My blog is still my brain’s outlet for all of the shit that I can’t get out any other way.  I’ve always felt it’s like what runners feel when they’re finally free from the monotony or constriction of their day.  Many runners, I feel, are running to try and achieve a feeling that can’t be replicated and helps to rid their body of the need to run while enjoying the fulfilling thereof.

So, what’s the point?  My point, my loves, is that it feels quite nice to be realized and considered “a writer” and have your work sought after and to have your words craved for.  Really.  Fucking.  Good.  To be a desired commodity in a world so rich with wordsmiths much more talented and dedicated than I.

That being said, I feel really like I’m finally on my way to being something other than a 14 year-old without a fully-developed-frontal-lobe (giggity!) sitting at the bottom of the driveway, tears streaming down her cheeks slowing with the cold of the night writing furiously about a larger feeling trapped inside.

A few things are the same, though.  I still write furiously and my tears are still warm.

For those of you who have just joined me and recently supported Thera Writes, you can’t imagine how grateful I am for you.  Without you reading and sharing and telling me to keep on Thera-ing about this world, it would be such a [harder] struggle.

For everyone that has been with me from the beginning, circa terrible LJ Days, of this journey on which I didn’t realize I was going, thank you.  So.  Fucking. Much.  Thank you.

Stay tuned through these additional growing pains and tell your friends that I can write the absolute shit out of words and things.

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