A Few Words Regarding Goose Bumps and Nipples…?

*disclaimer* This is not a post about the beloved horror series by R.L. Stine. I know, stifle your disappointment, friends.

Ha, got you to read with that thing about nipples, huh?  You sinners…

Moving along, though…one can associate goose bumps or chills with a variety of emotions and accompanying situations.

We can talk about the chills you experience when someone is lightly playing with your hair or lightly dragging a finger about your spine.

Or the ones you get when the goddamned school bus is running late again and your ass had to dress in your cheerleading uniform for the game tonight and it’s the middle of winter in hellaciously frigid Michigan, wind squeezing in around your legs like an icy python trying to end your life.

Some of my favorites are usually instigated by a jarring emotional experience like military homecoming videos (don’t do it…don’t watch them. You will absolutely cry.) Or how about memories of a funeral or a wedding or a birth? The first time I held my nephew, the unmistakeable feeling of my skin prickling is something I’ll never forget. A feeling of being so touched in a profound way, your body’s largest organ decides to rise up in little spots resembling a plucked goose.

How about when your shower water isn’t quite warm enough and it splashes on your bare ass enough to make you jump? Or a naked nipple, if you get in the shower that way. Both alarming!

My absolute jewel in the realm of goose bumps: driving around Kalamazoo, Michigan with the windows down in the middle of May, Foo Fighters’ Skin and Bones playing at a ridiculous volume, the acoustic version of Everlong comes on and bumps rippling down my arms when it’s a 89 degree warm wind in my face. Goose bumps so hard that your skin is pulled taught and it actually hurts. Hands down one of my favorite and most memorable sensations I’ve ever felt.

What’s given you goose bumps, before? Have you ever read something that made your skin prickle? What do I have to write to make that happen to you, dear reader? That’s what I want most.

Unless my posts make you chuckle…I’ll take that, I guess.

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