Skill Achievement (Kind Of) 

Just a quick post to say the following:

-No, I haven’t forgotten about my domain here. Moreover, I’m anticipating the celebration of its being up and running for one year very soon. And of course I’ll renew. 

-I still haven’t pinpointed the meaning of life. I am, however, certain it has something to do with mac ‘n cheese, Crosley turn tables on Sunday mornings and the general concept of chaos. More to come as study/search/heroic quest continues. 

-In case you forgot, I’m totes knocked up and attempting to ready a room and feign preparedness for a very small human in a very small window of time. 

-Something else new in my life has caught my attention. Shinier than Chris Hemsworth and more alluring than a carnival elephant ear for which I’ve been lusting since aforementioned knocked uppery. I think it’s going to improve the quality of my life, in a small way (smaller than the previously mentioned small human) and improve the relevance of my work. What I’m really hoping it’ll do is inspire me to be a not-shitty writer and bloggist. I’ve left hints of this thing scattered across the earth in 29 different countries all of which can be traced back to a major Shakespeare work. In retrospect, not sure why I did that. Shakespeare (and all of the writers that wrote under that name)  was a pompous prick. Seriously. I knew the guy. Tunic-wearing turd…

-That’s it, friends. More on this to come. 

2 thoughts on “Skill Achievement (Kind Of) 

  1. Where’s the “like” button? I cannot wait for your little one to arrive and turn your life-as-you-know it upside down. You will miss the old days but the new will be so much better and most certainly will be full of joy and… joyfullness. #CandyMountain


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