Deciduous Things

The oddity that is enchantment in the purplingand falling of deciduous things: a deafening dying but below, scarved people exclaim, fooling themselves into thinking they've found a newness. But this dying of deciduous things, this purpling of papers on stem ends isn't unlike the purpling of a man's lips waging into the night against breath-stealing … Continue reading Deciduous Things

In Its Infancy

Good evening, readers. If we're friends on Facebook, you may have seen my post: Thera Writes is one year old today! Yes, huzzah, hooray, hippity skippity!  *clap clap, drools on self, poops in pants and falls asleep* But we have a long way to go.  I mean, we're a team and clearly you're not pulling … Continue reading In Its Infancy

Pears on Grandpa’s Painting Stool

I am so far removed from my food. Where it grew, from which stem it was plucked before I reached for it on the dimpled corrugated cardboard, giving its skin a quick smell, a once-over for bruised flesh, and letting it roll from my fingers into a squeaking bag destined for my metal shopping cart. … Continue reading Pears on Grandpa’s Painting Stool

Good Humans

Here I sit, on the eve of our baby shower, and it dawned on me.  Tomorrow, at the shower, our baby's gender will be revealed. Today is the last day of my life that my child is just a human being.  Not a baby boy or girl.  Just a little person with a galaxy of … Continue reading Good Humans

Skill Achievement (Kind Of) 

Just a quick post to say the following: -No, I haven't forgotten about my domain here. Moreover, I'm anticipating the celebration of its being up and running for one year very soon. And of course I'll renew.  -I still haven't pinpointed the meaning of life. I am, however, certain it has something to do with … Continue reading Skill Achievement (Kind Of) 

A Few Things You Should Know, Squish

So, we're going to be parents. Most of you already knew but if you didn't, there it is. I'm a little more than 18 weeks pregnant with what we're calling Squish, for now. It's quite an odd feeling to be so in love with someone you've not yet met. Someone who, the last time you saw in black and white, looked like a paisley and not a human. But I do so damned much. Well, I have some things to discuss with you, Squish.

Nightmares in Formaldehyde

I'm sitting in the middle of my biology classroom, but not my biology classroom. The green chalkboard stretches from wall to wall and the lighting is dim. Although the class is full, it is silent. Like a muted film. The rows of desks roll like the sea the zenith of which is mine and where … Continue reading Nightmares in Formaldehyde

Sta(i)r Stutter

  I'm the oddest thing holding myself up naked in the woods. Cast from an arterial hollow that's never beaten. The leaves dead deaden dead at my bottom step crunch to squeak eek. No echo, a deafening  and shallow creak if you should step you should step. Empty levels a rhythmic climb to grayscale stillness. Board … Continue reading Sta(i)r Stutter

For Betty Jane

"The magic's gone, I think," I croaked, writhing in my seat. "The fairies sank, the bean stalk died, castles crumbling at my feet." My eyes dropped to the floor on which stringless puppets used to dance, marionettes enchanted, tiny shadows hearts enhanced. A horizon once aflame, flicking from a wondrous spark, to ignite the hearts … Continue reading For Betty Jane

The Thin, White Duke

    the guitar ambles and sighs chest heaving body writhing rising again under this serious moonlight a hurried hum to catch the drum crescendo and fall always there's always a nagging necessity to turn and face the strange   RIP Ziggy Stardust