What Every Writer Wishes You Knew

As writers, we want you to know some things.

Resume Templates: Just…Don’t

Let's talk about one of my favorite things: resume templates. If you know me at all, I hate them.  They're the bane of my existence and I think they should all be shot right in their templatey faces. So, why the passion?  Why the rage?  Why the threats? They're absolutely hellacious to edit, customize and … Continue reading Resume Templates: Just…Don’t

Help! My Baby is Being a Jerk

If you're reading this now, you either have a jerk baby or you're wondering what the hell kind of mother I am to refer to my child as a jerk.  Obviously a terrible one. Well, you've come to the right place. Yesterday, my 25-weeker (or half(ish) year-older, if you're one of those people annoyed with … Continue reading Help! My Baby is Being a Jerk

Life Lessons from Scheduling Production

I never aspired to be a production scheduler at any point in my life.  It makes sense to me that I'm not bad at it and that I enjoyed the anxiety-inducing, multitasking nightmare that it is.  But from every direction that my life took that I never thought it would, there's something to take away. … Continue reading Life Lessons from Scheduling Production

Five (Easy) Steps to a Not-Shitty Resume

Looking for a quick fix for your resume? Check out these fast five tips to help you snag your dream job!

All My Oms

My plane playing in the ground-effects, sliding above the runway like repelling magnets, flaring for a greasy-good landing. Om. Ripping a ceiling out, charred and soggy, biceps burning, after fire devoured it like a kerosene-covered match. Om. Wrapping my arms around my Marine after nine months, void and ache replaced with anxious kisses. Om. Toes and … Continue reading All My Oms

Ten Struggles Only Girls with Fine Hair Understand

You have to be very careful with new conditioners and hair products.  They promise the much-sought-after and elusive "luscious, soft, volume" promise and leave you with an oily, stringy mess and a need to rewash your tresses. You also may or may not feel the need to murder whoever John Freida is. Volume? What's that? … Continue reading Ten Struggles Only Girls with Fine Hair Understand