Sweet Services and Bundles

Welcome to my pricing page!

(boo!  hiss!)

Guys.  I know.  No one likes to spend their hard-earned dolla bills.
And some of my competitors don’t even believe in posting their prices.
I, however, believe that if I give you a base price, it’ll immediately let you know if I fall in your budget.

I know your time is invaluable to you.  Let’s not waste each other’s; here’s what your investment with me will cost:

Oh-So-Helpful Consulting – $59 for 30 minutes, $109 for 60 minutes
Unsure of what you need?  No idea what it’s called?  Is that even a thing?

Let’s do a consult!  It sounds kind of formal but it isn’t.  You and I get together via phone or Zoom meeting and hash out what’s got you down.

Web Copywriting Services:

Copy Audit – starting at $189 (up to 4 pages)
Calling those of you who don’t know if you truly need a fancy-pants writer…this is JUST for you. I’ll take a look under the hood and give you feedback via a report on what’s strong and what’s not.

A La Carte Copy – starting at $249/page
Homepage, landing page, about page…something else?

The Rhymester starting at $279
-one page copy rewrite or generation
-proofreading/editing of one additional page

The Bard – starting at $549
-up to three pages copy rewrite or generation
-proofreading/editing of two additional pages

The Muse– starting at $789
-weekly writing room meetings (30 minutes each)
-up to five pages copy rewrite or generation
-proofreading/editing of four additional pages

*all copywriting packages include initial copy audit, discovery meeting (60 minutes) and basic wireframing for content layout, if desired*

The Troubadour (on-call copywriting and consultation) – $890
10 hours of my time for copywriting, marketing advice…anything you need!  This package is based on my hourly rate. Payable in advance on a month-by-month basis—no long-term contract required.  Two-month minimum.

Blog, Article and Content:

-Blog, Article Writing – starting at $.15/word
-Editing/Proofreading – starting at $.05/word

Resume Services:

– Resume Writing and Editing – starting at $89
– Cover Letter Writing and Editing – starting at $69

The I-Seriously-Need-A-Job Package – $349
You’ll get:

  • two versions of your resume (especially handy for multiple skill sets or interests)
  • a cover letter specifically geared toward the position of your choice
  • small edits to your resume for 12 months

Other Stuff I Can Do (and have done)

job postings, letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing, product descriptions…I’d love to add your special project!