Good Humans

Here I sit, on the eve of our baby shower, and it dawned on me.  Tomorrow, at the shower, our baby's gender will be revealed. Today is the last day of my life that my child is just a human being.  Not a baby boy or girl.  Just a little person with a galaxy of … Continue reading Good Humans

A Few Things You Should Know, Squish

So, we're going to be parents. Most of you already knew but if you didn't, there it is. I'm a little more than 18 weeks pregnant with what we're calling Squish, for now. It's quite an odd feeling to be so in love with someone you've not yet met. Someone who, the last time you saw in black and white, looked like a paisley and not a human. But I do so damned much. Well, I have some things to discuss with you, Squish.


I've been blogging for roughly ten years.  First, I started on LiveJournal and it ended up being a motley chronicling of my post-high school and college days.  It was unfocused, rambling and unapologetic.  So, basically the same damned thing as what this WordPress is now.  You're welcome. I never started my blogging to write for … Continue reading Validated…ish.

Something New

“Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me.” -Walt Whitman