Good Humans

Here I sit, on the eve of our baby shower, and it dawned on me.  Tomorrow, at the shower, our baby's gender will be revealed. Today is the last day of my life that my child is just a human being.  Not a baby boy or girl.  Just a little person with a galaxy of … Continue reading Good Humans

A Few Things You Should Know, Squish

So, we're going to be parents. Most of you already knew but if you didn't, there it is. I'm a little more than 18 weeks pregnant with what we're calling Squish, for now. It's quite an odd feeling to be so in love with someone you've not yet met. Someone who, the last time you saw in black and white, looked like a paisley and not a human. But I do so damned much. Well, I have some things to discuss with you, Squish.

Nightmares in Formaldehyde

I'm sitting in the middle of my biology classroom, but not my biology classroom. The green chalkboard stretches from wall to wall and the lighting is dim. Although the class is full, it is silent. Like a muted film. The rows of desks roll like the sea the zenith of which is mine and where … Continue reading Nightmares in Formaldehyde

Sta(i)r Stutter

  I'm the oddest thing holding myself up naked in the woods. Cast from an arterial hollow that's never beaten. The leaves dead deaden dead at my bottom step crunch to squeak eek. No echo, a deafening  and shallow creak if you should step you should step. Empty levels a rhythmic climb to grayscale stillness. Board … Continue reading Sta(i)r Stutter


They made me raise my right hand.  They made me swear on a book that I don't believe in...that I've never believed in. But I know you do. "I  killed Lee Truett," I heard myself say, breathy and hoarse. No gasps, no voices crying out.  And if any other eyes besides yours moved, I didn't … Continue reading Lovesick

American Asshole: Turning America Into a Ghost

I rarely get involved in anything political.  You're hard-pressed to find me debating elections, promoting any political candidate or even paying the news a bit of mind. Having prefaced this post with all that, this is going to get political.  This post is going to enrage people.  Some of whom are complete strangers and some … Continue reading American Asshole: Turning America Into a Ghost

The Warmth of My World and Why IDGAF About Current Events

All too often we're bombarded with bad news.  A tragic event covered heavily by the media, friends handling (or not) strife and heartbreak, animal shelters filled to the brim, dreams that can be no more, nightmares not so easily escaped... Everyday there's an onslaught of information spawning negativity, fear, anger and hopelessness.  Every moment these … Continue reading The Warmth of My World and Why IDGAF About Current Events

Put Me In, Coach

Ok, guys.  I'm tired.  Like...beyond the point where I should be blogging responsibly but, alas - here I am. A few days ago I hinted on Facebook about having been given a free trial life coaching session.  My friend Sabrina's sister, Stacey Patillo, works and lives in the village of Chicago and does this for … Continue reading Put Me In, Coach