For Betty Jane

"The magic's gone, I think," I croaked, writhing in my seat. "The fairies sank, the bean stalk died, castles crumbling at my feet." My eyes dropped to the floor on which stringless puppets used to dance, marionettes enchanted, tiny shadows hearts enhanced. A horizon once aflame, flicking from a wondrous spark, to ignite the hearts … Continue reading For Betty Jane

All My Oms

My plane playing in the ground-effects, sliding above the runway like repelling magnets, flaring for a greasy-good landing. Om. Ripping a ceiling out, charred and soggy, biceps burning, after fire devoured it like a kerosene-covered match. Om. Wrapping my arms around my Marine after nine months, void and ache replaced with anxious kisses. Om. Toes and … Continue reading All My Oms


They made me raise my right hand.  They made me swear on a book that I don't believe in...that I've never believed in. But I know you do. "I  killed Lee Truett," I heard myself say, breathy and hoarse. No gasps, no voices crying out.  And if any other eyes besides yours moved, I didn't … Continue reading Lovesick


His eyes are tea finally mellowed. Neither abrasively hot, nor too quickly cool. A warmth blooms beneath my ribs. Ringed in lashes curled around, squeezing my heart, tight in the hollow of my throat: I watch him wake. Flecked with light narrowed but not without deepness. They squint an awareness, an understanding without moving your … Continue reading Stumbleworthy

American Asshole: Turning America Into a Ghost

I rarely get involved in anything political.  You're hard-pressed to find me debating elections, promoting any political candidate or even paying the news a bit of mind. Having prefaced this post with all that, this is going to get political.  This post is going to enrage people.  Some of whom are complete strangers and some … Continue reading American Asshole: Turning America Into a Ghost

240 Years of Complete and Utter Badassery

To you, the United States Marine Corps: Let's be honest.  Because you deserve honesty as much as I do. The days are not so distant when I absolutely loathed you.  For nine years my significant other was tethered to you.  For nine years, of which only the last four was I part of the scene, … Continue reading 240 Years of Complete and Utter Badassery

A Few Words Regarding Goose Bumps and Nipples…?

*disclaimer* This is not a post about the beloved horror series by R.L. Stine. I know, stifle your disappointment, friends. Ha, got you to read with that thing about nipples, huh?  You sinners... Moving along, can associate goose bumps or chills with a variety of emotions and accompanying situations. We can talk about the … Continue reading A Few Words Regarding Goose Bumps and Nipples…?