What Every Writer Wishes You Knew

As writers, we want you to know some things.

Resume Templates: Just…Don’t

Let's talk about one of my favorite things: resume templates. If you know me at all, I hate them.  They're the bane of my existence and I think they should all be shot right in their templatey faces. So, why the passion?  Why the rage?  Why the threats? They're absolutely hellacious to edit, customize and … Continue reading Resume Templates: Just…Don’t

Help! My Baby is Being a Jerk

If you're reading this now, you either have a jerk baby or you're wondering what the hell kind of mother I am to refer to my child as a jerk.  Obviously a terrible one. Well, you've come to the right place. Yesterday, my 25-weeker (or half(ish) year-older, if you're one of those people annoyed with … Continue reading Help! My Baby is Being a Jerk

Life Lessons from Scheduling Production

I never aspired to be a production scheduler at any point in my life.  It makes sense to me that I'm not bad at it and that I enjoyed the anxiety-inducing, multitasking nightmare that it is.  But from every direction that my life took that I never thought it would, there's something to take away. … Continue reading Life Lessons from Scheduling Production

I’ve Been Shit On: Becoming a Mother

Loving someone you've never met at first sight is hard. The guilt from that is harder.

Deciduous Things

The oddity that is enchantment in the purplingand falling of deciduous things: a deafening dying but below, scarved people exclaim, fooling themselves into thinking they've found a newness. But this dying of deciduous things, this purpling of papers on stem ends isn't unlike the purpling of a man's lips waging into the night against breath-stealing … Continue reading Deciduous Things

Skill Achievement (Kind Of) 

Just a quick post to say the following: -No, I haven't forgotten about my domain here. Moreover, I'm anticipating the celebration of its being up and running for one year very soon. And of course I'll renew.  -I still haven't pinpointed the meaning of life. I am, however, certain it has something to do with … Continue reading Skill Achievement (Kind Of)