Testimonials and Reviews

“Thera has a way with writing.  She’s not only able to get the point across in a completely understandable way, but she’s able to entertain at the same time.  Thera infuses her writing with personality that keeps readers hooked on the article from beginning to end.  [Thera wrote] for my site for [over two years] and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.”

-Bob Mackowski – Open Aperture Photography

“A shout out to Thera Thibeault!  My resume was spotted by a recruiter (when I wasn’t even looking for a job) and I was offered new employment with the second largest automotive parts company!  Thanks for her help with my resume.  It impressed everyone who read it.”
-Katelyn G.

“[Thera’s] writing is beautiful.  In form, content and the huge difference life-experience makes when it comes to writing and poetry, [she’s] improved on what was already excellent…[Thera was] born with this ability.  The way [she writes] can’t be learned.”
-Rory B.

“Thera was great.  She helped me rewrite my website.  She is a great writer and listens to what the clients want.”

 -Jean Kirby – JBK Photography

“The final resume and cover letter that I received from Thera are both perfect. I want to express my deepest gratitude for both her scintillating writing skills and how easy it was to work with her. Thank you.”
-Gary S.

“I contacted Thera for assistance in creating written content and links for my blog.  She is lighting fast, easy to work with, and extremely communicative.  I found her rates to be very reasonable and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality writing for their business or personal needs.”
-Christie Troxell – CEO, Ritzy Parties Inc.

“Thera Writes is not only professional, some of her work is also witty and charming. She has an eclectic diversity in her writing styles that just works.”
-Kaylee J.